Amazing Guest Post: She Came Through In A Matter Of One Hour, Providing A Beautiful Poem. Katrina Cain’s Work Is Insane! Give Props To “The Darkest Fairytale”



I am so grateful for this poem.  God bless Katrina Cain for writing me a superb piece of poetry.  It sums my feelings up, and cathches my emotions.  ” The bond we hold” will never be lost.  Looking For A Guest Blogger For A Poem. The poem will be as a memorial for the death and life of my TWIN brother, Eric Zombro.




Katrina Cain <>

1:54 PM (4 hours ago)

to me
Hello Ryan,
It’s the darkest fairytale here
You asked me to write you a poem for your twin brother that passed. Which I’m sorry about. I have an identical twin sister and I’d be lost without her. So I’ve written you a piece below. I hope this is OK if you need to tweak it or change it let me know.
You graduated from this world
Full of joy and peace,
A soul that once struggled
Is now a soul that’s at ease.
I now believe in immortality
Because you’re heart lives on,
Your heart lives inside of me.
Life wasn’t easy
Which I know you felt the pain,
I can promise you brother
We will meet again.
For what joy you shared
In the bond we hold,
The stories continue
In the memories that are told.
For life is beautiful.
And you joined me from the start,
You may have passed over
But I’ll carry you here in my heart.
Hope this ok and I’ve got the right email address.
Sent from my HTC

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