In Loving Memory Of My Amazing Twin!

My twin passed on to be with the Lord of Glory.  A couple days before Christmas, God called him home.  I have been up for days.  Grief and joy are trading blows for my soul!  I wrote this little poem to glorify God, honor my twin, and bring awareness to the deadly heroin epidemic.  Nobody dies to the flesh without God’s permission.  God allowed Jesus to die a sacrificial death, a seed sown in the ground that multiplied.  His body was an earthly seed, the harvest was salvation for mankind and a new glorious body.  Hopefully, Eric’s death will bring life back to many addicts.  When they hear his story, they will tremble with fear, and find deliverance from the demon of addiction.  Here is the poem:

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    Ryan Zombro

    A poem I wrote for him:
    In honor of the death and resurrection of my twin brother. Eric Zombro,

    You are my motivation, my memorial, my magnetic charm.

    You are to me, everything.

    God took you this Christmas past, never to let these memories pass.

    No more sorrow, nor grief, nor pain,

    your ashes will not be quite the same.

    Slain by addiction, this to shall pass,

    in the arms of our Saviour you are at last.

    Singing and praising the Lord with such glee,

    never have you been so free.

    Now beholding the Lamb that was slain,

    your legacy will never be in vain.