LIBERTY: freedom from addiction. 🎲🃏🎮🎭🌊🔥☄⏳⌛⚓🎨🗽🍔🍟🍦🍀👑💣💤💪☠💩😇😈😵😑😵


Triggers, symbols, and the subconscious mind, balance, middle ground, between extremes, yen vs. yang, black vs. white, light vs. dark, stimulate vs. depress…

1.  Distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, or moral and immoral.

2.  Guilt, shame, and fear….. emotions/feelings that keep a person trapped in addiction.

3.  Determine what your higher-self says about (your) addiction, of course, you can choose not to claim it as yours.  Ask yourself questions, and get still enough for answers.

4.  Know where you stand on the matter.  No justification, no doubt, no wavering!  What about cognitive dissonance?

5.  Time for 100% honesty.  Is the substance healthy or unhealthy for me?  Do I even care about my health?  Can I slow down?  Do I need outside help?  No more lies or excuses.

6.  Now, after the honest self evaluation, decide if you want to quit, or slow down at least.  Make a game plan and stick to it!

7.  Let your decision be without fear, guilt, or shame.  Can you be confident, unashamed, and fearless over this decision?  If not, you need to figure out why?  To be continued…

Word of caution:  I am not a substance abuse, addiction counselor, or Psychologist…as of now; only because I don’t have the degrees,

Shake Free!
The Truth Will Snap The Chains Of Addiction!

certificates, and credentials, yet.  I  am working on a major in Psychology now.

These practical steps and ideas can help break your addiction!  But remember, don’t personalize it…detach from it, and you will lose it!

This blog is to encourage conversation, and a continuous flow of truth; so, we can walk in fullness, light, love, and liberty.  Please share your wisdom with the world.