The True Sabbath.

The True Sabbath.

The Lord lives, and blessed be the Rock, may the God of my salvation be exalted.  Jesus is the solid Rock of my foundation.  He can’t be moved, but He knows how to move every obstacle out of the way.  Just think about a rock, then think about Jesus Christ.  There is no Rock, there is no rock like our God (singing).

Jesus is the chief cornerstone that the builders rejected because they were in darkness.  They loved their sin more than righteousness.  Jesus exposed their sin, therefore, they despised Him.  Light entered the world, but the world wanted darkness rather than the light.

Today is no different than it was when Jesus walked in the flesh on earth.  You have a small remnant of true Christians, but the majority of people are far from it.  I don’t like to judge people, but the Word says we will know them by their fruits, meaning actions.  Faith without works is dead, so you cannot say you have faith if your deeds don’t back them up.  I don’t know how I got here, however, these ideas need to be discussed in these last days.

We have blasphemers of God in every church building in the nation.  People have a form of godliness, but they deny the power thereof because they are foolish and wise in their own eyes.  However, it does not matter what they think, it matters what God knows.  God will not be mocked, you can’t worship Him just on Sundays, expecting Him to show up in your life.  You need to seek the Lord with all your heart, and only then will you find Him.  God searches the reigns of the heart, not the outward appearance of things.

I know this isn’t a very uplifting message for everyone, but it is necessary for those who have ears to hear.  Babylon the great has fallen, cried out the angel of the Lord.  Come out from among her.  She is the apostate church, the ones who are running the masses of so-called believers today.  These ministers of unrighteousness like to tickle the ears of their congregations.  They do not preach against sin, for holiness, and for purity of soul.

The game is over.  Church has to change.  Jesus says be ye holy, as I am holy.  We are to strive to live perfect lives, but we will mess up.  However, we cannot use the grace of God in vain.  His grace and mercy are sufficient, but we cannot continue in sin, when we have received the knowledge of the Light.  If we say we do not have sin, then we are lying and the truth isn’t in us.  This verse can be used to justify sin.  It is one thing to make a mistake once in awhile, but quite another to live in unrepentant sin.  It all depends on the definition of sin.  Sin is the transgression of the law, alone, nothing else.

So, many who appear to be sinning, may not be actually, unless they are breaking the ten commandments.  How many people are guilty of breaking the commandments on a weekly basis.  I am telling you that we all need to repent for our ignorance of misrepresenting the true Sabbath days.  We are supposed to rest, do absolutely nothing on these days.

No work whatsoever is supposed to be done on the Sabbath, but we were ignorant of the true Sabbath days according to the lunar calendar.  I am doing my own research on these days, and have concluded so far that the Sabbath falls on different days of the week according to the new moons or something like that.

I can’t prove that this is true or not true, but it makes a lot of sense.  If anyone wants to do some research on this subject, please let me know what you found out.  I am saying if we know by the moon what days are supposed to be the Sabbath for certain, then we might want to take heed to the real forth commandment.  I have heard that it is the most disregarded commandment, but it is so important because it contains God’s seal in it, and God’s established Sabbath rest.  Now, Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of the Sabbath rest, but I can pretty much guarantee that He observed the correct days of rest.

I am not a Biblical Scholar or an astrologer, so I can’t prove the days of the New moons, and feast days…  I am not in to all that, but maybe I should be.  The Roman Catholic Church has changed the Sabbath to the first day of the week, instead of the last day.  But, they might be wrong too because they go by a Gregorian calendar which is apparently corrupted, according to WLC website.  They are big on switching back to the lunar calendar to observe the right Sabbath days.  I will let you know after I do more research.  I know that we are to count all days as special to the Lord, but what happens if they start forcing us to observe certain days for rest, for political and religious purposes.

I look for something like this to happen.  I believe the wrong Sabbath rest represents the mark of the beast.  The mark will be on their foreheads and hands.  Meaning their thoughts act actions are corrupted.   The Word of God is supposed to seal the believer, but many are not keeping the commandment.  The changing of the fourth commandment may very well be the mark of the beast.  We are to hide thy Word in our hearts so we don’t sin against thee, Oh Lord.  Forgive us, Oh Lord for we did not fully realize our wrongs.  Reveal to us your true Sabbath days that we can rest and glorify you on that day.  Feed us with your word and wash us in your Spirit.  Fill us a fresh with the wind of your Spirit and Its fire.  No, disrespect for referring to you as It, but I capitalized the “I.”  Placeholder ImageI want to worship you all the days of my life, hear my prayers in Jesus name.


Prophet Ryan

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