Renewal, Regeneration, Refreshing, and Revival.

I am planning to start blogging again, because of a manic episode and a corrupted legal system l lost my freedom to post the Word of God (as l know It).  I lost two months of my blogging ministry right after my twin passed away.  I ended up in jail for no good reason, the arresting officer said he would make up a reason, and he sure did: Obstructing.  Anyway, l am back now and ready for a fresh start.  I want to seek God with my entire being.  To those who follow my blog, l apologize for not writing, but it was out of my hands.  God allows us to go through various trails and tribulations to strengthen our faith.  I feel a time of revival at hand for the True Elect, the Called Ones, those who have been prepared for this season of the supernatural.  I will keep this short and sweet for now: The kingdoms of this world will soon be replaced by the True Kingdom of God.  Let US (including the U.S.) unite in peace and bring in the Kingdom that operates on One law: The Law of Love.  Love covers everything and when man-made laws are not based on love, we all suffer.  We need less laws and human ordinances and more Love, Mercy, and Grace.  Please pray for me, l feel like a lonely prophet of old: persecuted and oppressed by authorities for no valid reason.  One thing is for certain, God will never leave or forsake US.  I pray that The Almighty One blesses you and makes you a blessing.  I also ask my Heavenly Father to use my hands, mind, spirit, feet… to spread the Words of Truth.  Lord, make me an instrument for your power to flow through.  I claim your promise to me: “Everything you touch will prosper and be made whole.”

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