Heavenly Experience!

God is doing amazing things, the books are opening.  The called are coming forth from the corners of the earth.  Expect the miraculous to occur.  We are living in the days of renewal, restoration of all created things.  Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard what is in store for us.  God has given his prophets glimpses of the Glory, but too much we can’t handle.  We would die in our tracks, if we weren’t prepared.  Flesh and blood can’t stand under the Glory of Yahweh.  We need to be Holy to look upon Jehovah and live.  Ask the children of Israel, they couldn’t stand the countenance of Moses after being in the presence of the Almighty One.  The radiant light of God’s Glory is so bright, it will leave you illuminated!  Who wants to be an illuminator?  Let your light shine!  

To be in the presence of Jehovah… Troubles vanish, hearts are mended… In the presence of the King… What a beautiful song!  I don’t know who sang it, or I would give them credit, but it originated from God.  We can’t take credit for words that God placed in our hearts.  We will soon find out that all Words and symbols and signs and sounds… Came from God.  We are all One through the Word!

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