Babbel, Google, WordPress, Facebook, Blogger, Disqus, Gmail, Twitter, and Pinterest….

These are all mediums for the Word of the Kingdom.  Rather you tweet or blog, you can distribute the Word to many people!  Everyone wants quality content, without inspiration there would be no thoughts, words, or feelings; the word “inspiration” means “in spirit action.”  Have you ever wondered why there are so many languages (including computer languages)?  

  • According to the Bible (sounds like babel), God confounded everyone’s language at the Tower of Babel, everyone started speaking gibberish, or in unknown tongues.  What would happen if God decided to have another “language switch?”  Imagine everybody running around confused, like chickens with their heads cut off.  Why would God do that?  The Bible tells us:  God didn’t want them to have a Universal language because they would be too powerful, in one accord, unified, and capable to accomplish anything.  They were attempting to build a tower to reach the heavens, so God spoke the words of prophetic utterances in their spirits; then everyone was forced to walk in empathy and use emotional intelligence to communicate.  Maybe, God led them into groups of races and tribes according to language.  

Who knows what happened in the past?  We can only speculate on the validity of the past, but we can be certain of the present.  Where is the Kingdom of God, Christ is supposed to reign as Supreme Ruler this time; he is coming back as the Lion, not the suffering Lamb!  Could it be that he is waiting on his bride, the True Church to take her place in the Kingdom?  

With all this babel, blogging, twisting and tweeting, posting and pasting, googling and browsing, no wonder there is so much drama and confusion.  Wouldn’t One medium for all words be sufficient?  God is fixing the internet as we speak, opening and closing connections.  God is building businesses and connecting companies all across the web.  

God is the Author and Finisher of our Faith, and the Creator of All languages, symbols, sounds, vibrations, frequencies, and forces.  Unless you want to have your tongue confounded and confused, don’t be prideful and think you are greater than the Almighty One!  The Kingdom is taking over the internet!  The good news will be blogged, googled, tweeted, and uttered in all ways: and (LLL) are united.  Let’s wreck havoc in the kingdom of darkness, and illuminate the True Kingdom of Light, of

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