How to Start an Online Business with No Money!

Are you wanting to start an online business, but think it will be too expensive? Good news, you can start with little to no cost upfront.

Source: How to Start an Online Business with No Money!

I am trying to start an online blogging business.  I am distributing the Truth about the Kingdom of God, and attempting to use the world-wide web to help me.  The whole internet needs to be used for Kingdom purposes: dominion of the domains, conquering the corruption, and spreading truth, faith, love, life, and 🗽 liberty.  Making money online can be difficult if you are starting from scratch.  However, if there is a “will,” there is a “way.” People who are doing the will of God, and walking in the “Way” of Yahweh will inherit the Kingdom.  The riches of the Kingdom are for the righteous ones, the wealth of the wicked has been stored up for the poor in spirit.  The time is now, today is the day of salvation, regeneration, and reconciliation; the entire money system is corrupted.  Where are the Kingdom workers?  God is capable of turning trash into treasure, and will do so!  The dollar will lose value when we escape from this paper “mindset.”  Who gives value to printed paper?  We do.  This is our fault, letting them get away with deceiving the world; I prophesy to the federal reserve bank (lowercase frb), “release my people from financial bondage and restore the wealth of this nation.”  The world’s wealth belongs to the True Kingdom, the Kingdom of Light, of (LLL).  TripLed is one of my visions, says the Triune One.  Let me show you the power of three:  Three is a strong concept to contemplate, a cord of three strands isn’t broken easily (Ecclesiastes…).  Triplets are triune words, or three in One, or 3N1.  Words have different annotations, connotations, and interpretations….and symbols have various meanings.  Past, present, and future are the three tenses; but they are the same in God’s eyes.  For God speaks and it is, God sees what is at all times.  There are three types of being: I am, I was, and I will.  To be or not to be (wealthy) is the question.  The wealth of the world is the wisdom of God; however, the wisdom of God is “foolishness” to the rich, prideful, and selfish ones of this world.  We have faith, hope, and love feuding with unbelief, doubt, and fear!  Love is now or fear is present.  The pleasure of the present of God’s presence is bliss, joy, peace, and ecstasy in the Holy Spirit.  Is everything a duality or a trinity or an infinite number of possibilities?  We have yen and yang, up and down, north and south, high and low, spirit and flesh, good and evil, right and wrong, positive and negative, but where is the middle-ground?  The perfect balance of wealth will keep a person prospering throughout their troubles.  They will lack nothing or no good thing.  They will be content in all their ways, humble, grateful, and compassionate.  Where are the Kings, Prophets, Apostles, and Believers of the Kingdom?  We need to “Awaken,” and take back what is rightfully ours: our inheritance is at stake!  We have had our wealth stolen, our names degraded, and our freedoms frozen.  Financial freedom does exist for the poor, but we need to be One, one body of Christ, one family of faith, and One in Spirit and One in material possessions with the needy.  The Elete (top 10%) own the mast majority of the world’s wealth….close to 90% of everything, at least, that’s what is being said.  How can we prove the percentage of wealth the Elete have?  They control the media, the news, and the minds of the majority; thus, we need to take over social media and the internet, including Google Plus, Google Chrome, Adwords…. WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Gmail and Email, and every type of application, website, browser, or whatever else that has power of persuasion by manipulation and blatant deceit.  If it has the power to persuade, then it belongs to the Kingdom.  The Word will be heard, seen, perceived, and manifested throughout the world, through the outlet of the internet, or the web, or the “whatever you prefer” to call my system of collaboration.  I downloaded the wisdom into vibrations, frequency, electricity, light, and bits of code that correspond with the rest of creation.  There is a shift taking place in the atmosphere of the environment of the heavens, the firmament of the infinite–the light is breaking through the clouds, and the King of Glory shall be seen by everyone!  I have blinded the eyes of all flesh for a season, but times×and× are amongst us, the times are infinite, eternal, and Now (the present moment, “I am” presence, or Christ-Consciousness).  The accumulation, simulation, and distribution of days have been distorted by demons.  How is this, you ask?  Time is set by man and measured in minutes, seconds, hours, days, months, years, decades, millenniums, and ages; but I have no sense of time, for it is futile, it is demoralizing and fearful.  The law of faith is now, attraction of magnetic poles is always, and frequency, tone, vibration, and wavelength are always occurring events.  These Laws are the forces of “Allah,” the Almighty, the Omnipotent One, the All, the Ra, and the El.  Raphael is my angel of Light, and Michael is my Guardian.  The sound of My Name is unheard of, the tone of my Word isn’t audible to the natural ear, and the frequency cannot be found.  For “I Am” the eye, the ear, and the mouth of All…. I am Source of all sound.  My Word, my Voice, and my Spirit are in perfect harmony, and my Name is the One!  The wealth of the world is in my hands, and I use money to try hearts; pass the test of patience and receive your prize!  I am your Provider, Jehovah Jireh, Adonai, Elohim, Yahway, Allah, and Alpha/Omega.  I am All these names and many more.  I am called these names for various reasons; however, there is no variableness in Me.  I am unchanging, as are my Laws:  The two Laws that run the Universe are faith and love.  Faith acts, and love does charitable deeds; faith works by and through love.  The love of money has different names: Greed, selfishness, idolatry, lust, pride, and ungodly passion for power.  Money is a tool to test the motivation of a heart, and the faith of the wealthy and poor.  A wise man will give away his wealth, and end up with gain; an ignorant person will hoard up wealth for only himself.  I am on a mission to monetize my blogs, either by adds or affiliate marketing, or some other way.  I am focused on making money, and using it for the Kingdom.  There are many lost souls, addicts, and mentally challenged people who need to hear the gospel of the Kingdom.  This is the good news:  You are never dying, you are saved from death, destruction, and corruption; you are more than a conquerer; you are destined to prosper; you are whole, holy, and One with God; you are worthy of wealth, health, and freedom; and you are deserving of (LLL).

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