My rod and staff comfort me.

Looking For A Guest Blogger For A Poem. The poem will be as a memorial for the death and life of my TWIN brother, Eric Zombro.

Eric Zombro went home to be with our Lord and our Heavenly Father.  He gave up the ghost two days before Christmas.  He was battling drug addiction for most of his life, no more struggling and stress, now he is at rest in perfect peace.  In the presence of Jehovah, there is fullness of bliss and joy.  His present for Christmas is Eternal Life (Peace, Redemption, Salvation, Deliverance, Shalom, Unity, and Oneness).  Eric went into a deep sleep, a space between consciousness and death of the body, then he eventually drifted off unto death.  Eric used to self-medicate with heroin.  He would put himself in a drug induced state that is on the borderline of death.  Addicts call this state of being a “nod,” to “nod” out means a person is struggling to keep their eyes open, they are trying to get so “high” to drown out the pain.  I believe that Eric liked to “nod” for several reasons:

1.)  It feels good, your whole being is in a state of ecstasy.

2.)  It temporarily takes away all pain (physical & emotional).

3.)  It is a meditative state of mind, where you can reflect on spirituality, rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of addiction: fear of withdrawal symptoms, a guilty conscience, lack of self-control (possession, oppression, no more free-will), hopelessness and despair, financial bondage (poverty), disease and sickness, and judgement to come (usually death, rehabilitation, or incarceration).  Eric knew that he was going to jail the day after Christmas (for reasons that I should discuss, having to do with the corruption of the Criminal Justice System), and nobody looks forward to being locked up, so he decided to do what he knew best to reduce the stress: get his “nod” on.  Knowing that you are about to go to jail, in and of itself, is enough to cause someone to commit suicide (especially a mentally unstable addict); however, he was ready to “man up,” “bite the bullet,” and accept his jail sentence of six months for committing a crime that should have been immediately dropped and thrown out of court.  The victim wanted the charges dismissed, but the prosecutor wasn’t “buying”(as in money) it.  For some unknown reason (possibly financial): the Prosecution, or the State, or the Judge, or whoever else is behind the management of the court system, decided that Eric needed to go to jail.  The million dollar question is “Why?” Was the legal system showing mercy to Eric by throwing him in jail?  They knew and had known for a long time that he was a danger to himself and society.  His addiction was the “root” of his criminal activity; he did anything to support his addiction, but he did not harm another human being.  Anyway, my whole point, of telling his story is to expose the “System”and to shine light on the heroin epidemic.  The wages of Eric’s death will, at least, bring “awareness” and possible “enlightenment” to the world.  If I have anything to say about the situation: “I promise to spend the rest of my life disposing darkness with the Light of Truth, and slashing Satan with the Sword of Salvation (the Word of God & Holy Spirit).”

4.)   The main reason that Eric liked to “nod” is because he enjoyed his God ordained freedom of choice.  Many drug addicts have different mind-sets than the rest of the world.  They are usually from a lower socioeconomic class; therefore, they cannot afford the pleasures of life or the privileges of having a paid doctor.  They struggle finding doctors who can prescribe the proper medications for depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD, Bipolar, and other mental illnesses.  These symptoms and diseases are directly related to socioeconomic status.  The love of money is the “root” of all types of evil (Holy Bible).  Poor folk live in terrible neighborhoods with poverty mind-sets; therefore, they suffer from depression, despair, and lack of faith (vision and purpose).  This suffering often leads to self-medication, which comes in the form of legal and illegal drugs.  The lower class drug addicts are usually very intelligent individuals with high emotional intelligence (EI) and empathy skills.  Empaths often suffer from Bipolar disorder, or so it seems.  Empathetic people are very emotional, they can feel the pain of others, they are like magnets to feelings, and they usually struggle with addiction.  Many times they don’t realize their empathetic and psychic gifts.  Both, Eric and I, have certain spiritual and psychic gifts.  I believe that Eric was ignorant of himself being an Empath; he thought that all the emotions and feelings he experienced were bad.  He never learned how to master his emotions or finesse his feelings!  Therefore, he drowned out his “burdens,” which were actually gifts, emotional intelligence and empathy.  An empath, with a loving nature and a heart of gold,  usually has major issues when surrounded by negativity, poverty, and drug addiction.  Eric never realized his purpose in life because the drugs, from age thirteen to thirty-six, dominated his feelings and emotions.  He used the wrong medication to balance the chemicals in his brain.  The pleasure producing chemicals in the body, like Dopamine, are compromised by the usage of hard drugs.  Imagine never being able to feel good; this is a battle that an empathic addict faces on a daily basis.  It is not a crime to want to feel good, nor a crime to seek pleasure, but it is against the law to possess illegal narcotics.  Basically, Eric was forced into self-medication from a very young age.  The question is:  What is the difference between Dope (Heroin/Opioids) and Dopamine?

In Loving Memory Of My Amazing Twin!Ok, now that you have a little background information about the life of my Twin, I need to ask a favor from someone, or maybe a few people.  I have already asked one talented writer of poetry to do a guest blog for me.  I need a nice-sized poem to place on my site: (LLL).  The poem is going to be a personal memorial of the life and death of my Twin.  I am fairly new to blogging and making money with websites, but I have a dream to monetize some websites in the near future.  I am interested in the following niches:  religion, spirituality, addictions, self-help, monetization, and King Dominion (The King’s Domain, a spiritual platform for writing about Kingdom Principles).  I am trying to combine my ideas and resources into One ministry/business.  I just started a Pro-blogger blog:  I hope that you can see the potential of this vision.  I want to have a page or more set apart, sanctified, and dedicated to the life of my Twin.  I am looking for quality material, I only want the very best; this is for the world to see!  I really don’t have any money at the present moment, but I will have some money in a few weeks.  If I need to pay for a decent size poem about the life and death of my Twin, I will.  I am sure that God will provide; He is our Provider (Jehovah Jireh).  You have freedom to be creative.  I have a few themes that I want followed:  Salvation, deliverance, addiction, joy, peace, redemption, glorification, heaven, Jesus, Holy Spirit…. Spiritual Evolution…Spiritual Graduation…  I am open for suggestions.  Please leave a comment, an email at:, or call me at: 3049953345.

8 thoughts on “Looking For A Guest Blogger For A Poem. The poem will be as a memorial for the death and life of my TWIN brother, Eric Zombro.

  1. Love reading your blog Ryan! Really inspirational and I’m really sorry for your loss. Losing a twin is probably the hardest thing, it’s like you literally lost a piece of yourself. Keep writing though!


  2. I am my own business and my twin Eric and I nominate myself to be a great writer, speaker, and empathetic Prophet. I nominate you to be a good Angel of Hope and I will be able to get back to my own business, (LLL). TripLed is my own business and I am my own personal email account: I am currently working with a great writer, me, myself, and I. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. This message is intended solely for the use of Hope and Glory and my twin Eric ZOMBRO. You are missed, my beloved twin! Are you with Gran, Dad, and John Jackson? You can always speak to me through Google forms add-on and my own blog. You can see me through Google I am currently working on a new thread for this message. Three L’s Android development ROM is a bit too my twin Eric ZOMBRO, the same as the registered keeper of Hope! Thanks again my sincere apologies for this message. My message is a mess of words, but I am comfortable with the content.

    LLL lll111!!!(LLL). A Iamthelivingletterletmelightthyfire…@#$& the symbols of Hope.


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