The Holy Ghost

Who is the Holy Ghost?  The Holy Ghost is the divine spirit, the spirit behind all creation.  I will refer to the Holy Ghost as an it, but only to avoid cofusion of gender; spirit has no gender.  It is not a person, although it has a personality.  The Holy Ghost is not a feeling, although it causes emotions to surface in an individual.  Most Christians don’t want to offend the Holy Ghost; therefore, they refer to it as “him,” this only brings confusion to the character of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is in everyone, even those who deny it’s existence.  Without the Holy Spirit, the world would be lifeless.  We are composed of spirit and flesh; therefore, we need to gain understanding about our true nature.  Our spirits will never die, they cannot because they are One with the Holy Ghost.  Basically, we are all ghosts, believe it or not.  Who and what we are is directly related to the Holy Ghost.  This may seem like a great mystery, but really it is not.  Everyone knows that something controls their very being, their livelihood.  Spirit is like the air in a balloon, without the air the balloon would have no life.  Spirit is our very essence, our breath, our life, our whole being.  Spirit is the very life forse of all living beings.  Our personalities are configured by and through the Holy Ghost.  God, in the form of the Holy Ghost, has no physical body.  We are the bodies of God; we are the Word made flesh, the manifested Word of God.  So, in a very real sense, we are God.  God is a spirit and spirit has no natural form; therefore, the Holy Ghost reveals itself through the flesh.  How else would we get to know God?  Has anyone ever seen the Holy Ghost?  We can only perceive the Holy Ghost through our feelings, emotions, and intuition.  Have you ever wondered why God has never been seen with the naked eye?  Well, God is seen daily, but we usually don’t recognize or acknowledge “him.”  For one reason:  he is not a “him” nor a “her,” God is genderless.  However, God has both feminine and masculine qualities.  When a person is born again, spirit-filled, and regenerated they will have the perfect balance of gender.  Maybe I am totally wrong, God could be both genders at the same time.  Who really knows about the character of the Almighty?  Some would even deny the omnipotence of God.  Do you ever question the attributes of the Holy Ghost?  The Bible, my experience, and my emotional intelligence all tell me that God is all powerful (omnipotent) and ever present (omnipresent). Well, without going to deep, let’s talk about the true character of God, and let’s discuss the true nature of man.  What is born of flesh is flesh, and what’s born of Spirit is spirit (says the scriptures).  But the problem is: we cannot comprehend spiritual concepts with a carnal mind-set.  Is it possible to rid ourselves of this contradictory way of interpretation?  We can crucify the flesh!  By walking in the Spirit, we can destroy the deeds of the flesh.  To be carnally minded is death, but spiritual mindfulness is life.  Mindfulness is a big word, it’s practice involves going very deep into the soul and being aware of your thoughts.  Excuse me for rambling on and on, but I am trying to explain the abstract, the unexplainable attributes of the Holy Ghost.  The word “Trinity” suddenly popped into my mind, why is that?  What does the trinity doctrine have to do with anything?  Three persons in One being seems to make little sence; however, it is preached in many pulpits.  The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are all equals; they are the same but have different roles to play.  What about the Mother, where does she come into play?  I often wonder why God made males and females.  I hate it when someone trys to do what I am trying to do know; to articulate the living word of God.  Now is the time that I need a word of knowledge.  Have you ever been blogged out?  I am going to cut this message short because I need to get in the presence of the Lord, although he is omnipresent and not a “he,” or is he a “he?”  Jesus was certainIly a man; however, he had some feminine ways.  He was submissive unto death, he didn’t resist or say a word to his accusers.  Below I will list some of the attributes of the Holy Ghost:

1)  Power:  it empowers believers with spiritual gifts: tongues, healings, miracles, prophecy, faith, interpretation of tongues, discernment, and words of wisdom and knowledge.

2)  Fills believers

3)  Distributes spiritual fruit:  love, joy, peace, patience, faith, mercy, and forgiveness.

4)  Compared to breathe, air, wind, and fire.

Do you know the Holy 👻 Ghost?

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