Manipulation & Persuasion

Are you sick and tired of being deceived?  Who knows what to believe these days?  We are living in times of confusion and mass deception; the world does not know who or what to believe.  This is a darn shame, and the monsters behind this mess (excuse my language) will be judged.  Karma is a biscuit (excuse me again), but God is angry!  Everyone has to see this craziness, don’t they?  Well, there are only two explanations.

1)  People are blinded by lies

2)  They are passively ignoring the bs.

This is a very sick and twisted world that we live in.  I feel like yelling at the top of my lungs: “No,” don’t believe the lies, you have the choice to believe the darkness or the light, come on now–wake the hell up!  God has called us out of the darkness, so why are we believing the bs.  There are so many conspiracy theories out there, each one only bares a little bit of truth.  We need the full truth!  Are you ready for the real truth?  If you are ready for it, hear what the Living God is saying: “Go, tell my people that I Am, and that I Am coming in a form that is familiar.”  This familiar form will nullify and silence the naysayers!  Please, hear what the Prophet is saying, it is good news to the ones with eyes that see and hearing ears.  That is all for now, says the Almighty One!

6 thoughts on “Manipulation & Persuasion

      1. Thank you! Well, Narcissists don’t really love themselves; deep inside, they feel weak and have much shame. But, they will NEVER face this “beast” inside of them. Thus, the need to use others to feel superior. Anyway, I felt myself terribly triggered by the Narcissist’s behavior and would find myself putting my own Christian values on the sidelines. Is it true that being around others who are of evil character can corrupt our own?


      2. The question is: Why would you want to be around evil? Unless it is to let your light shine to dominate the darkness, you have no business being around such people. They say, “birds of a feather flock together” and like-minded people attract each other. I still believe that Narcissists love themselves, but they don’t know how to give or recieve love properly. They don’t know the true character of Love. God is love; love is patient, kind, gentle, long-suffering, it forgives all wrongs, it is sacrificial, and unconditional….

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