The Kingdom is at hand.

(LLL) Proclaims The True Kingdom

Lovelibertylife (LLL):  The True Kingdom is not what you think; it will start as a small Mustard-Seed, Branch, of unknown believers.  God has been raising up his flock, they know who they are, but the world has yet to see them.  They are the outcasts of society, the rejects, the sinners, the scum of the earth.  But for the grace of God, he has chosen to do a new work.  This remnant of rejects are about to shake the pillars of this earth; to knock the globe off it’s axis.  As Christ rose from the dead, they are reawakening.  Who are these peculiar people?  God is going to confound the wise by using the most unlikely individuals to usher in the Kingdom.  Why did God choose to use ex-prisoners for prophets and priests?  God searches the hearts of men, he sees the pain of the poor, the shame of the sinners, and the guilt of the godly.  These people did not ask to be born into sin, nor to be abandoned by the so-called church.  Only the sinners need salvation, the righteous are already saved; so they think.  Christ was rejected by his own people, so should we expect less?  They crucified him for no reason, he was the spotless lamb of God.  God is about to show the world what true redemption is.  He is not only going to redeem the irredeemable, he is going to place them in positions of power and great honor.  Is the world ready for the remnant?  No!  The world wants to hold on to the past and cast judgement on the less fortunate, those who have been beaten and bruised by sin.  The more sinful a person is, the more loving they become, when they accept God’s forgiveness.  Slaves of sin will become slaves of righteousness.  The Pharisees of today will hate the chosen ones; they will be jealous because God decided to call them from darkness.  Watch the mighty delivering power of the Almighty!  With man these things are impossible, but God can do anything.  God can turn a whore into a nun, a drunkard into a saint, a beggar into a lender, a sinner into a righteous prophet.  This will be the real zombie apocalypse, the awakening, and the last resurrection.  Thank God, for he has called us out of darkness and into his marvelous light.  Are you ready to see what the Almighty can do?  Eyes have yet to see what God has in store.  Why has God chosen the least expected, the worst sinners?  Simply because he can; he can do whatever the hell he likes.  It happens that he loves to show mercy and grace to those who realize they don’t deserve it.  The first will be last, and the last will be first.  Total restoration of the whole world.  No more sin will abound, and the grace of God will scatter the earth.  We are living in glorious times, the last days.  What is time to the Eternal One?  Time is nothing to Spirit.  Today is the day of salvation, praise his holy name.  They shall call him Wonderful, King of Kings, Alpha and Omega, Prince of Peace…. What will you call him?  I call him Savior of the wretched sinner!  Oh, how many names does he have?  He is the One and only true God.  Maybe, just maybe, you should get to know him.  Do you know how to know God?  Here are a few steps:

1)  Be still and know that I am God.

2)  Search within.

3)  Live in the present.

4)  Listen to your heart.

5)  Discern the voice of Spirit.

6)  Know the voice of ego.

7)  Talk to God in prayer.

There you have it, seven ways to know God.  Now realize that you are always in his presence; he is your very breath, the air that you breathe, and the song you sing.  Let your lips praise his name!  Let him be the new song in your mouth!  All hail King Jesus, all hail Emmanuel, King of Kings, Lord of Lords…bright morning star….


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