Daily Prompt: Prophecy

via Daily Prompt: Prophecy

Prophecy made simple.  What is prophecy?  Prophecy is the declaration of a divine word, a word directly from Spirit.  Prophecy can come in many different forms, but all forms will consist of truth, knowledge, and/or wisdom.  You don’t have to be a Prophet to prophesy.  Anyone can declare a word of prophecy over anybody or anything.  You can even prophesy to yourself.  When you hear the still, small, but impressive voice of Spirit, simply verbalize the words.  Sound off!  Raise your voice and puff out your chest!  Speak unto the mountain in your life, it has to obey the prophetic word of the Living God.

A caution or two about prophecy:

1.)  True prophecy will always edify or lift up the hearer, so if someone speaks a negative word over your life, be sure to reject it.

2.)  Prophecy will always be a confirmation; it will confirm what is already in your ❤ heart.  If your conscience says “no,” something is not right with this word, then reject the word.

How to receive a prophecy?  In order for a prophecy to manifest, you need to receive it by faith.  Nothing wavering, no doubt or double-mindedness can exist in your being.  Your spirit, body, and soul needs to be in total alignment with the word of God.  This includes your emotions.

Last step to receive:

Simply stand on the word, keep believing, it shall surely come to pass!  If your manifestation seems to be prolonged, then remain patient.  After patience has it’s perfect work, you will be thankful and gain some understanding.  Perseverance produces character and faith.

One last word before we pray:

Don’t forget to be thankful and make sure you continue to confess your prophecy, speak it aloud everyday until it comes to pass!

Prayer:  Holy Spirit we thank you for devine assistance and revelation.  Allow us to understand the power of prophecy.  Annoint our ears to hear, our eyes to see, and our hearts to receive your loving words.  We shall declare your glory forever and ever, Amen!  Let it be so!

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