Value Of A Word!

In the beginning was the word.  What about a letter or a syllable?  Have you ever really though about what a word is?  A word is a thought that manifests in a verbal or written way.  What do thoughts consist of?  Where do thoughts originate?  Thoughts come from one of two places, either Spirit or flesh.  If they are from Spirit, then they are truth.  If they come from our carnality, a wordly way of thinking, then they are often based on falsehoods.  We have to be able to distinguish between Spirit and flesh.  I am not referring to our bodies when I say flesh but a certain mindset that is opposed to the Holy Spirit.  God is the Word, God is Spirit, God is Truth, God is Love, but is God thought?  No!  However, all good thoughts originate from God.  We can call these good thoughts divine revelation or wisdom from God.  All holy, lovely, peaceful, joyful, and uplifting thoughts are from God.  All other types of thoughts come from another source called Satan, the devil, or the flesh.  Hence, we can walk in the Spirit or the flesh, it is that simple.  We only have two options.  Spirit words are powerful and sharp, according to scripture, they are as a double-edged sword.  They cut going in and coming out, recieving and giving, heard and spoken.  They are valuable and contain everything we need to live godly lives.  What should the Word of God cost?  Can we put a price on the wisdom of God?  The Word will cost you everything to receive it, but you are to freely administer it once you do.  However, a minister of the Word should be compensated justly.  Should we expect to get paid for declaration of the truth?  Many people don’t want to hear the Truth, why is that?  Everyone has the same potential, get on your face, open your ears and shut up!  Hearken unto the voice of the Lord.  Hear and do the Word.  Faith without action is dead.  What makes the Word so powerful and valuable?  The Word will transform you by the renewal of your mind.  Yes, your mind needs to be renewed, and you need transformation.  If not, you are a perfect man.  The Bible says in the book of James, a perfect man can control his tongue.  Meaning his spoken words.  What words are you speaking?  Can you hear the voice of Spirit?  Sometimes the Spirit speaks in syllables or letters or whatever you want to call it.  Many call this glossallia or speaking in tongues. Have you experienced that?  Tongues are like a feeling that you can’t express with your normal language.  Anyway, these tongues need interpretation too, just as regular words need to be.  If not, we are missing out on the understanding of the Word.  Until you can interpret the Tongues of God, you are not a perfect man.  As Paul says, I can speak in Tongues more than most people, whenever I want, but I would rather prophesy so people will gain understanding.  Shondalasochimedo….can you comprehend the syllables I just wrote, of course you can’t; however, we can interpret Tongues when we listen to Spirit.  Interpretation of Tongues take a bit of practice, but if you are still and quiet, have no sin in your life, and pray for interpretation, then God will grant your request.  God wants us to understand the voice of Spirit.  Sometimes the Spirit talks without words or syllables, and we should be able to hear.  Let us get rid of all distractions so we can hear Spirit.  In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and was God.  The Word manifested and became flesh.  This is not only talking about Jesus.  The Word needs to manifest in our lives too.  Amen!

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