Where Is My Body?

Jesus is asking for his body to rise up.  He is the resurrection, the truth, and the light.  However, he has already risen from the grave once.  Now it is time for his body, the Church, to rise from the dead.  His body cannot continue to remain hidden, something has got to give.  He is not going to return until his body (the True Church) is resurrected from the dead.  Where is the True Church of Christ?  The world system is not prepared for the resurrection of the Church.  We are supposed to be a powerful group of believers and followers of Jesus’s teachings.  Where is the power?  Where are the signs and wonders?  Where is the faith?  I am getting sick and tired of this worldly system running everything.  We have become blinded by deception, we have no freedom.  The law does not give freedom and with more laws and rules comes more slavery.  Maybe you think that you live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, but you don’t.  If you believe that you are free, then you are believing the lie that has deceived the whole world.  What are you basing your freedom on?  Don’t tell me that you are free on the inside and that is all that matters.  That is only the first fruits of our inheritance.  Salvation or rebirth is a very important aspect of the gospel, but there is way more to the story.  Where is the kingdom of God that we all have been earnestly expecting to come.  I know that Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within, but he also said that he was coming back for his body of believers.  When he comes back, he is expecting to find an empowered body.  He is waiting on his bride.  He wants a beautiful bride, one without spot and wrinkle-free.  Where is this bride?  He does not want a lady-like bride, he wants a warrior princess.  How comes the so-called Church of today has no power?  He told his disciples long ago: These signs will follow you who believe, you will heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils, and do even greater works than these.  Where are the miracles, where are the greater works?  Let’s face the facts, we are a weak people, a bunch of enslaved grasshoppers.  We are small and we see the rulers of this world system as giants.  In order for the New Jerusalem to come, the Old Jerusalem must fall!  When is the bride going to get ready and prepare for the King of King and Lord of Lords.  This statement may hurt your feelings, but I am going to go ahead and spit it out.  As God said that he would spew the false church, in the book of Revelations, out of his mouth.  Here it is.  I don’t know if you are ready for it.  Are you ready for this?  These words are very hard to swallow, like the bitter scroll being swallowed by John the Revelator.  Jesus is not coming back until we wake up.  We have been living in a fairy-tale world.  A matter of fact, Jesus may not come back as we expect him to.  We are looking to the heavens for a savior and he has already saved us.  He is waiting for his body to resurrect again, but not his flesh and blood body — his spiritual body.  He was the lowly lamb that didn’t say a word against his accusers, the first time.  However, not this time, he is coming back as the lovely lion of Judah.  He had to die so that the Holy Spirit could be given to his Church.  Ever since Jesus died, he has been possessing his people.  You have heard of demon possession, right?  Well Jesus wants to possess you with his Holy Spirit.  We need to let the Holy Spirit possess us.  In a sense, Jesus has already come back.  He is living in the heart of his believers.  So, his spirit is partially in the hearts of his followers, but he wants his bride.  He wants to become one with his bride.  We know that he will not defile himself with a dirty whore like the false church, Babylon the Great Harlot.  If you are truly a child of God, then you will hear what the Spirit is saying.  We need the whole body of Christ to arise from the pit and take back what the devil has stolen.  Where is all the gold and precious metals, and gems, diamonds, rubies, and pearls.  Where is all the wealth of this world?  Who owns everything?  Less than 10% of the world owns more than 50% of the wealth.  How is this fair?  When the True Kingdom of God is established on earth, all the wealth will be redistributed in the correct fashion.  The rulers of this modern-day world are full of greed and envy.  God wants to replace these rulers, there time has ended.  Now is the time, today is the day of salvation!

Prayer:  Dear Heavenly Father,

We praise and lift you up.  We thank you for your True Kingdom that is at hand.  Help us to prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus.  We want to be blameless, pure, holy, and powerful for our Lord.  We offer our bodies as living sacrifices to do your will alone.  Take our mouths and tongues and tame them to tell the good news of the gospel of peace.  Fill us with your Holy Spirit and empower us to take over the world as we know it.  We ask that you do a mighty work of redistribution of the wealth of this world.  Put the money in the hands of the people who will use it for your will.  Strip the wealth of the greedy and give it to your humble servants who have tasted poverty.  Shake the world powers, the thrones, the kingdoms, and the dominions; let them know that you are in charge.  Do whatever you need to do to make your people ready for the second coming of our Lord, and your Son.  Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread and the wealth of the nations, our inheritance.  To you be all the glory, honor, praise, and thanksgiving forever and ever, Amen and Amen again.  Let it be so and so be it!

2 thoughts on “Where Is My Body?

    1. Thanks for following my blog. I just write when inspired to do so. Are you ready for Christmas. Remember the real meaning of the season! He died so we can have everlasting life. The fear of death is gone!


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