Why No Comments?

I want this to be an interactive blog.  I was wondering why I haven’t received any comments on the blogs that I write.  Am I doing something wrong?  Why doesn’t anyone want to talk with me?  I feel like my messages are not being heard or recieved.  Does anyone else ever feel this way?  I am writing as I am inspired by the Holy Spirit.  I plan on blogging more on sensitive topics, such as mental health, drug addiction, incarceration, and how to gain liberty in all areas of life.  LLL is all about 💘 love, 🗽 liberty, and life.  So, I am expecting some excitement.  I want to see comments and testimonials.  Am I asking to much?  Please start sharing back with me.  If you were touched in a good or bad way by my words, simply let me know.  I don’t want to be the only one talking here.  I want communication.  I don’t care if I am sounding desperate.  The word says that we have not because we ask not; therefore, I am asking.  Please!

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