💰 Money Cometh Now

💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰

It feels so good to be free.  Are you free?  The only way I could be more free is if I received what is rightfully mine.  I demand my inheritance in the name of Jesus.  The wealth of the wicked is mine!  I want it now.  I am gonna need a miracle, a breakthrough.  Will you believe God with me?  If so, share this message to raise awareness to the kingdom of darkness.  The True Kingdom is about to take over.  And Donald Trump, If you don’t know how to spread the wealth, step down from your fake position.  Are you really a puppet? I don’t know for certain, but know this:  Judgment time is coming.  We will all give an account for how we wasted this World’s wealth.  I pray that you figure something out, Mr. President.  You will answer to the King of Kings.  Give me your money and your power for one day, I would put an end to this funny money system.  I prophesy change right now, in the name of Jesus!

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