To Addicts That Want Freedom!

I just want to reach out to anyone struggling with addictions.  I know it seems hopeless; however, this is only a feeling.  Feelings will come and go.  You need to search deep within to find out where these feelings originate.  Feelings are like temperature gauges, they give us data, but they don’t change our hearts or minds.  So, use your feelings to guide you in the right direction.  Don’t ignore them or repress them, but don’t let them be in control.  I hope that makes sense.  Why are you feeling so depressed?  Why do you feel hopeless, like there is no way of escape?  How do you get rid of these feelings?  You need to start speaking the truth over your life.  You are more than a conqueror, and you do have power to exercise your will.  You may feel weak, and you should.  You are abusing your mind and body.  At least be honest with yourself, if you need help, get it.  You may need an impatient rehab or a wake-up call in jail.  Each day gets better and you can overcome this sickness or disease.  The most important thing is to act, do something now.  Don’t keep procrastinating.  You are headed for death or incarceration.  I am by no means trying to scare you.  You cannot scare an addict into stopping!  You will quit when you are ready.  Unless you want to remain a slave.  Don’t you want your freedom back?  I know you do.  I hope this gives you some encouragement.  If not go to my website:  Go to some NA meetings or something.  You have to lean on other people when you feel weak.  You know what you need to do.  You can do this the easy way or the hard way.  Don’t be stubborn like I was and waste half of your life on drugs.  I am not really against the recreational use of some drugs; however, I am wholeheartedly against being a weak-ass slave to anything.  I refuse to be a sissy-ass, scared to be dope-sick fool, ever again.  Can you believe that I used to be afraid of not having my fix.  Eventually, a little determination has to kick in.  Enough is enough!  Take your life back, you addict.  Start being addicted to life and regain your vision and joy.  If you ever need to talk, rather I know you or not, call me at 304-995-3345.  Now, since I spent an hour writing this from my heart, I expect several addicts to give it up.  Addicts Be Free in the Mighty Name Of Jesus!

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