Spirit Of Joy

I 💘 this lion!

What is stealing your continual 😂 joy?  Is it possible to walk in the spirit of joy, 24-7?  Being bipolar makes this a difficult task; however, a little determination, a sense of purpose, and a clear vision will take you a long way.  When you feel low and want to feel high again (on joy), just take control of your feelings.  Tell yourself, “I refuse to be depressed.”  Then, take a few moments to get grounded; what do you have to be grateful for?  Nothing!  You have to have something!  Look to nature, listen to music, exercise, or do something–anything.  Smack yourself around a little, until the spirit of joy comes back.  You may have to do this several times a day, but eventually you will be walking in the spirit of joy more than in the spirit of depression.  Or, you can continue to feel sorry for yourself, sleep your life away, or turn to a temporary fix: drugs, 🍸 alcohol, gambling, or sex.  Praise God, that we don’t have to look very far to find joy and ✌ peace.  The kingdom of God is within!  If your peace and joy does not originate from within, then you ARE NOT experiencing the true 😂 joy of the Spirit.  Let us search within this holiday season and find the true reason for the season.

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