The Holy, Whole, and One Spirit that We Are.

Who is the Holy Spirit?  How do you describe the spiritual with words?  For one, words are spirit, they begin as unseen thoughts and then manifest into reality if they are truly believed.  If we truly believe, we speak or write words.  We are spirit; therefore, we are a manifestation of the words we believe to be true about ourselves.  We, literally, create our 🌎 worlds by our believed or unbelieved words.  Words are powerful!  Discect the word inspiration; you will see the word “spirit” in between ” in” and “ation” or action.  So, I say inspiration means in spirit action or moved by spirit.  I hope that makes a little sense, but spiritual things tend to not make sense to the carnal mind.  The Bible was written as men were inspired by Spirit to write.  In this way, the Bible is said to be the Word of God, but we must realize that man is not perfect.  So, we can be just as inspired to write the Word of God today, as the prophets of old were.  But we have more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding because of spiritual evolution.  We partake of the same Spirit: The Holy, One, Whole, Spirit of Truth, Spirit of 💘 Love, 😂 Joy, ✌ Peace, Might, Wisdom, Knowledge… Do you know this Spirit?  Have you ever been inspired to do anything, if so, you have tasted God.  Have you ever been overwhelmed with 😂 joy, then you have experienced God.  Imagine all these attributes of Spirit on or in you simultaneously.  This is the fullness of the Spirit!

💘 Love 🗽 Liberty Life


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