The Kingdom is at hand.

Let’s Talk Kingdom For A Minute

The True Kingdom

Where is the kingdom of God?  Who is running the world today?  The Illuminati, the government, money, a certain race, or religion?  Yes, and no.  God Almighty is in every one of us.  Jesus said the kingdom of God or Heaven is within.  So, why are we looking without or everywhere except within?  The True Kingdom will be established when the majority of the collective conscience awakens or gains enlightenment.  This can happen very soon if we get the True Word out.  What is the True Word?  We are all One and we are all God or Spirit.  Please, I beg and plead with you to search within!

God is not only in the sky or the trees.  God is all and in all.  So, look with expectation and true faith, not to the sky for God, but within your own being.  Can you see God?  Can you see Spirit?  I pray for everyone who sees this blog to have eyes that see and ears that hear.

.  These do exist; but very rarely these days.  Eyes open now!

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