Just a meditation on the RAGEING MACHINE known as me, myself, and I:  I am Ryan Zombro and, I am a piece of work, a masterpiece.  Why, you ask?  Well let me explain.  Nevermind, come to think about it, I won’t explain!  Why should I waste my breath on deaf ears?  Am I any better than you?  If you don’t have an inner rage like an all consuming 🔥 fire burning in your soul, then you must be dead or complacent.  Where is your 🚗 drive, your motivation, your reason for existing?  You are uniquely blessed.  Nobody else can live for you.  Those dreams long forgotten, or rather abandoned, need to come to fruition or else.  Woe is me if I stop dreaming!  Shake it off!  Smack yourself back ⏰ awake and alive.  Go ahead, literally.  If I excited a little rage back into your spirit, or inspired you at all please re-bless me by 📚 reading, commenting, and possibly donating to my cause, my dream:  which is the enlightenment of the entire 🌎 world.  Release your inner, raging, but humble beast.  Enter BEASTMODE! ( CAUTION: If you in anyway assume that I am refering to inflicting pain or violence on myself or anyone else, you are 😢 sadly mistaken).  Email me at or call me at (304) 995-3345 if you are interested in supporting or donating to my cause, my ministry, and my mission in life.  The money will be used to fulfill my prophetic vision that I have already seen come to pass in the Spirit.  Don’t forget, as the Good Word says:  “a workman is worth his wages”.  Amen, Let it be so, and Hallelujah!

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