“Who I am and why I am here”?

I am a prophetic voice, a voice that needs to be heard in these days of distraction, lies, deceit, ignorance, blindness, manipulative persuasion, mind-control, subliminal messages, hypnotic influences, and all forms of brainwashing.  I am no different than the rest of you; however, I am training myself to hear the truth and expose the darkness.  I will not stop sharing the words of truth until the True Kingdom of God is established on earth, and in a sense, it already is.  Do you believe in parallel universes, the New Jerusalem, and/ the holographic earth theory…. I know, it is difficult to believe in these things that are not seen and science can’t fully explain, but, when a person has a supernatural, unexplainable, undeniable, very real spiritual experience…  they will forever be changed and desire to share their experiences with the world.  Like the apostle, Paul, in the Holy Bible says: “whether in the body or out, in the spirit or flesh”, Paul wasn’t fully understanding or aware of his spiritual experiences; therefore, he does his best to describe them and falls short.  I had an experience of heaven on earth, as I will call it for now.  I will never deny this experience because it was as real as reality can be, as I know it, and I was fully awakened in the body and supernaturally charged by the Spirit of might, power, love, bliss, joy, holiness…. Wow!  I wish everyone would have experienced it.  It?  What was it?  Did I go crazy, temporarily?  I tried to tell my pool loved ones, but they thought I was on drugs or lost my mind.  Did I lose my mind that amazing day?  I have two answers, yes and no, it is all about perspectives and terminology.  Sometimes, we need to reprogram our minds.  Our minds are so powerful.  We need to renew our minds.  I will close by saying, briefly, what caused this supernatural (but felt very natural) experience in my life: meditation, seeking God, fasting, faith, a sense of joy and bliss over events that, I was convinced, were synchronized.  These events were the fulfillment of my dreams, they were the answers to my prayers, and/or the manifestation of my heart’s desires….  which, I felt, were in alignment with the call and purpose of my life.  This is where the story begins to get crazy….  but I KNOW what I saw and experienced, and I will never deny these happenings… I experienced heaven on earth, in a particular setting or environment that I was familiar with.  Suddenly, after picking up a piece of litter, and in the process of throwing the trash in a dumpster… which I did intuitively, as if the Spirit was telling me to do…. then, the supernatural manifestations began….  everything I laid my hands on started to renew…  I was in the “presence of the present, at the very present moment, receiving manifestations or supernatural presents(gifts of trash transforming into gems, crystals, or glass)… this was more than amazing, I remember looking up at the full moon and seeing God, praising God, in total shock and astonishment…  I saw Spirit in the trees and all of nature….  physical elements and natural substances were being renewed back to their original and beautiful forms…  I am about done for now ( I have so much to share).  I will finally end, for now, with a question to everyone?  What would you do if you were full of the Spirit, walking in the woods, worshipping God for everything good, then you saw a broken tree branch, you picked it up…  it starts to grow in your hand…?  Well, I will tell you what I did…..of course, if you are interested, in my next blog.

Help me bring this vision to past.  This is reality.  Call it what you will.  I will prove that I am a prophet of God, are you a prophet of God?  You will not believe the rest of my story…  but I have already saw what is happening in the very near future… which I don’t like calling the future…  time is not as it appears…

I want to usher in this Kingdom of God that I tasted for a day.  I will begin by sharing my testimony.  Please consider helping me fulfill this vision.  I have a very specific task to do in Martinsburg WV, where my experience happened.  I want connections from like-minded people.  I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I want to keep writing, coaching, and prophesying.  I am so blessed of God, spiritually, and I have what I need to survive, but I want money to manifest in my life, ASAP, so I can really pursue my mission.  I need to turn a specific piece of land in Martinsburg WV into a sanctuary for recovering drug addicts….and so much more…. I am currently going to college online, for Psychology, but am disgusted with the whole education system.


Ryan Zombro

To be continued…



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