Welcome to your new site!  This is a site for everyone to share truth, love, joy, faith, vision, hope, and all wisdom from on high!  Help me share my voice with the world, not for my own egotistical reasons, but for the betterment and enlightenment of everyone.  This is my ministry of communication to everyone who cares to listen.  You decide for yourself whether my words are enlightening.  Please don’t hesitate to share your opinions, make comments, and I am excepting donations for my ministry.  I want to get paid to write!  This takes a great amount of time and effort.  I will continue to write; however, money would increase my motivation and means.  If anyone wants to hire me to write:  I can be reached at (304) 995-3345 or send me a serious email, saying that you are for real…. so, “for real” is my special code to eliminate spam.  My Gmail:  zboy600@gmail.com.  Thanks for caring and sharing… Be Blessed!